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Cathy Sharon

Indonesian celebrity Cathy Sharon is a spunky little firecracker, who exudes a fresh brand of sexy. Turning heads in Indonesia with MTV and as a TV presenter for a variety show, Cathy Sharon is a consummate entertainer.

If you are an avid TV viewer in Indonesia, then you have probably seen the beautiful and bubbly Cathy Sharon hosting the music variety show, Playlist, on SCTV. Sometimes quirky, but most definitely adorable and sexy, the twentysomething presenter has garnered a following who faithfully tune in to watch her on a regular basis.

Catherine Sharon Gasnier or better known as Cathy Sharon is an artist born in Jakarta, August 2, 1982 had a blood descendant of French, Manado, the Chinese partner is the daughter of Thierry Gasnier and Limbara Hilda, the eldest of three siblings, an older brother of Julie Estelle who works as a sitcom actress , movie player, as well as a presenter and VJ MTV Indonesia.

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