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Celine Evangelista

Celine Evangelista was one of Indonesian actress who started her career through the selection of Model My friends 2007. Celine has been playing the film since the age of 12 years with the support of wide screen film Empty Bench (2004). Another film that had supported the Six (2007).

But the name Celine is better known through the glass screen, among others through the soap opera It Is this, I'm Pregnant, Teenage Bride, and several soap operas are now stripping out the slot in one of the private television station. Post completing his responsibilities as a sitcom actress stripping, now Celine Evangelista who was born in Italy on February 4, 1992 is more of their time in activities off the water. Quite striking differences between the activities of water and stripping off any chance she explained as she exhibited tight schedule to appear to many cities.

Celine Evangelista Profile :
Full Name: Celine Evangelista
Nick Name: Celine
Nationality: Indonesia
Place / Date of birth: Italy, 2 April 1992
Sinetron: Is It, I'm Pregnant, Young Bride, Divine Secrets, Love, romance Teenagers
FTV: Is It, Ghost, Ghost False hair, tales Aladin
Film: Empty Bench, Six
Favorite Colors: red and white

Celine's Photos Gallery:

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