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Dyah Ayuning Tyas

Well, this time the girl in this page is not an actress. This beautiful girl named Dyah Ayuning Tyas is a girl whom I know through your Facebook account when we're playing a game from the site. However, I apologize, because they could not mention her account.

This girl has a very beautiful face and graceful, and the photographs that I can this be accounted for authenticity. I knew him as a good girl. This girl was born in the City of Paris Van Java, Bandung - Indonesia. Well if you are curious, please hunting her Facebook account.

From our introduction, I know this girl studying at Gadjah Mada University, Jogjakarta. In her campus she is believed to hold the post of vice Lecturer. And this time he was studying for his degree S2 in Australia.

4 komentar:

  1. Nice pics...surely gonna save in my PC and set it as a wallpaper.

  2. beautiful....മനോഹരമായി ........


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