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Elly Tran Ha

Elly Tran Ha (otherwise known as Elly Kim Hong, 阮金紅), is a pretty Vietnamese model who was born on 08-06-1987. She is an American-borned-Vietnamese, who has recently moved back to Vietnam from the USA. She works as a part-time model while furthering her studies.

Elly Tran Ha is a Vietnamese model who decided that showing pictures of herself and her “distinct neckline” might help the internet readership of her blog… the blog that no one seems to be able to find. She was right, as she’s now gained a surprise following on the interwebs and a network of eager picture-sharers to give her some free publicity. Even with her sudden fame, most people outside of Vietnam don’t know the slightest thing about her. Does the mystery surrounding Elly Tran Ha make people more curious? Sadly, yes.

Elly Tran Ha's Photos Gallery:
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2 komentar:

  1. Elly Tran absolutely rocks. totally adore her. cute smile & sexy body to die for. =) Check out 70 of her sexy scans.

  2. kapan ya ni orang bisa jdi pacar ane? cantik,sexy,pinter pula . T.T


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