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Nina Jose

Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, Nina used to spend money like there’s no tomorrow, until her grandfather died that is. Nina’s mom was adopted but she was her granddad’s favorite daughter, so she also became his favorite granddaughter. Her lolo’s real family resented it and deprived Nina’s mother of her share of the inheritance. “It’s really unfair because my mom really worked hard for them.”

She witnessed how poorly her dad treated her mom while she was growing up. “She’s a battered wife. Para kaming nasa action movie, where in e-escape kami then hahabulin niya kami. Tatakbo nanaman kami then magtatago.” Her parents are now separated. Her dad is living with another woman and she has a half sister on her mother’s side. “My relationship with my family is kinda err…complicated.” Nina admits to the dysfunctionality of her family life. “I would always fight with my mom. Sometimes I even scream at her. But she always forgives me. I hate my dad because he always counts what he gives us. He’s manunumbat, he’s really annoying and feeling niya ang taas taas niya.” Nina relates sadly. “I really want to help my mom out, one of the reasons I joined Pinoy Big Brother.”

Nina has also worked before as a model for clothes and became anorexic. But after noticing her looks becoming miserable instead of glamorous, she started eating again. She sees herself now as a bit fat though and says she needs to lose weight. She has had her heart broken thrice but believes her true love is just out there. There’s a lot more of Nina that even she can’t count everything on her two hands. She’s a self confessed bratinella. But is best friends with God and M’ama Mary. She can cook. She can clean. Though she rarely puts those skills to use. She doesn’t eat insects. She doesn’t know things like isaw and betamax. She only knows that fishballs tastes ‘masarap’. And don’t forget the one thing she knows best – how to party.

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