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Sora Aoi (Suster Keramas 2)

Year 2011 is Sora Aoi starred in an Indonesian movie produced a production house, Maxima Pictures, who titled SUSTER KERAMAS 2 (Nurse Shampooing #2). This film is a sequel of the SUSTER KERAMAS 1 produced late in 2009 that offers a story of horror comedy. The film began to be released in Indonesia on April 21, 2011.

Sora Aoi's presence in the movie Suster Keramas 2 has made ​​Indonesia the world's increasingly vibrant film industry. Once before his Maxima Pictures also had to bring hot movie star Rin Sakuragi in the movie SUSTER KERAMAS 1 and reap success, Maria Ozawa who previously was also successful with the film HANTU TANAH KUSIR (Coachman Land Ghost), now Sora Aoi in the movie SUSTER KERAMAS 2 received no less lively than lovers Indonesian film.

Sora Aoi was pleased with his role in the film, he even kept his promise to attend the premiere screening in Indonesia, SUSTER KERAMAS 2 in Platinum XXI, FX Sudirman, South Jakarta, Wednesday (20 / 4).

Name: Sora Aoi
Alternate spellings: Aoi Sora, SO-LA (as a musician)
Birthdate: November 11th, 1983
Height: 155cm
Bust: 90cm (F cup)
Waist: 58cm
Hips: 83cm
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Watching movies, dancing, playing billiards
Special ability: Graffiti

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