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Vicky Sunisa Jett

Despite the name of Vicky Sunisa Jett, which isn’t Thai at all, Sunisa Jett is 100% Thai. The name came about because her parents (both Thai) moved to the U.S. (Maryland to be exact) so the kids were given American names. In addition, the family changed their last name to Jett (I believe the original was Jettworee or something like that) because the father’s business associates had trouble pronouncing the Thai last name. Honestly the name isn’t all that important to me, I’m just happy to see another cute Thai girl.

Even though Sunisa grew up in America, she came back to Thailand to attend college at Assumption Bangkok University. Once she was back in Thailand her modeling and acting career took off. Just one look will easily tell you why she became so popular, at least with her male fans. I believe she also has two younger sisters which makes me wonder if we will soon see them in the magazines and on the big screen. What about a photo shoot with all 3 sisters? HOT!

Name: Sunisa Jett (สุนิสา เจทท์)
Nickname: Vicky
Height: 170cm (5 feet 6 inches)
Weight: 51kg (112 pounds)
Age: 21 (born January 29, 1989)

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