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Zheng Yi Fei

Zheng Yifei, from Guangdong, is a half-breed of Chinese and Russian. She became famous quickly on the Internet for her hot figure and charming face. The impression she left to the people is she is always cool and glamorous with temptation and wildness. You may still remember 2009 Changlong Swimsuit Model Contest. Zheng’s wildness and temptation have helped herself win the Excellent Award! Zheng Yifei is now the signed model of Julong Net and its image ambassador too.

As a professional model, Zheng Yifei has been engaged in many jobs, such as football babe, car model, etc. She stands only 166CM (not so prominent as other models), but her sexy figure has helped her gain fame. People who knew about Zheng Yifei all praised her beauty and natural born wildness and temptation, which are hard for men to resist.

Zheng Yi-fei’s Profile:
Name: Zheng Yi-fei 郑伊菲
Nickname: Kitty 猫猫
English Name:Daimi
Place of Birth: Guangdong
Date of Birth: Oct. 25
Measurements: 86 63 85 CM
Leg: 85cm
Height: 166CM
Weight: 45KG
Specialties: Sing, Dance, and Act
Occupation: Model, Anchorwoman
Star Sign: Scorpio
Blood Type: A

Zheng Yi-fei’s Photos Gallery:

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