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Eri Otoguro

Eri was born October 12,  1982 in Bangkok Thailand and grew up in the Kanagawa prefecture back in Japan. Her Wikipedia says shes half Thai, British and Japanese - will get the nitty gritty details from her tomorrow.

Eri made her debut in 2001 where she was chosen out of an audition of 4000 to appear in a Hong Kong movie called "The Stewardess." Since then shes been commercials and in films including Shaolin Shojo and Onechanbara.

Name: Eri Otoguro (乙黒えり)
Birth date: Or 12, 1982
Birthplace: Bangkok, Thailand (Kanagawa native)
Blood type: O
Height: 5' 5" (165cm)
Interests: English, Chinese, Action

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