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Tika Putri

Tika Putri is an actress, soap opera actress, presenter, advertising star and situation comedy soared through the Coffee Bean Show. Beautiful artist whose full name is Tika Putri Hastari Mieke Amalia is said to be similar, the former star Extravaganza at the beginning of its appearance.

Tika began his career in the film because a friend an invitation to attend the casting. Since the children, Tika had been a long time to cultivate the arts of dance, especially in modern dance and salsa, so do their job in the art world is not foreign to him.

Claimed not to have a phobia with fame, Tika can maintain the attitude and has no feeling. Artists who touted high profile class is apparently rumored negative and picky in the mix and just want to be friends with fellow celebrities.

But in fact, artists who also became a model in a Backstreet Boys video clip titled Between You guys are claiming that happen every day schedulenya solid and met with artists, not for picky friends and because it was famous in the Indonesian entertainment world.

Tika Putri's profile:
Full Name: Tika Putri Hastari
Birth: New York, November 1, 1989
School: University of Bina Nusantara
Height: 168 cm

Tika Putri's Photos:

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