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Liu Yuxin

Actress Liu Yuxin, famous for playing numerous drama roles, demonstrated how not to wear a pushup bra by revealing a little too much and causing a ruckus around the Chinese internet.

Liu Yuxin stars in a popular Hunan TV series as a Ming Jade Princess and is one of the fresh faces of a new generation of actors and actresses. Recently, she appeared at a Beauty Festival in a stunning gown, but while the eyes were drawn to her prominently displayed chest, netizens soon began criticizing her warddrobe choice in what is now called "blue vein boob" gate.

Liu Yuxin was quoted at the event as saying, "When you're young and can flaunt it, then you should flaunt it. When you're old you can't flaunt it, even when you want to."

The brash beauty's PR people claim the photos have been digitally manipulated to add the "veins" (which look more like areolas from where we're sitting), which would be a passable excuse were it not also for the existence of the video below.

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