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Angelababy started modeling when she was only 17 years old. Over the last 6 years, Angelababy’s physical transformation has been remarkable! It was widely speculated that the 23-year-old underwent different phases of plastic surgery to completely transform her face: double eyelid surgery to widen the eyes, rhinoplasty to increase the height of her nose bridge, jaw surgery to slim the face and reduce jaw protrusion, and chin surgery to elongate the chin!

In her early modeling days, Angelababy was a waif-like teen with a slim figure. The above photos featured Angelababy prior to getting braces.

The difference of before and after braces? Angelababy’s nice smile begins to take form….

The above left photo of Angelababy was taken in 2008, showing a markedly higher nose than found in her early modeling career. In the right photo, Angelababy’s eyes appear to have a much more pronounced double eyelid than in her early modeling career.

The left photo was taken circa 2009, featuring a cute Angelababy with full cheeks. In my opinion, Angelababy was the most beautiful around 2009, in which she appeared bubbly and fresh in modeling shoots. The right photo was taken in late 2011, in which Angelababy’s face elongated quite dramatically. It appears that her jaw may have been artificially slimmed down and additional chin work was done.

Taken in late 2011, the above left photo reveals Angelababy’s unnatural jawline shape, as if the jaw had been sloughed away too dramatically. The above right photo, taken in early 2012, sparked online discussions that Angelababy’s plastic surgery on her chin may have gone awry, due to the unnatural chin protrusion.

It is sometimes difficult to believe that Angelababy is only 23 years old, yet she appears much older. Her looks underwent a dramatic transformation over the last 6 years, suggesting multiple plastic surgeries that were performed in several stages to achieve her current look. Despite Angelababy’s before and after photos appearing frequently in gossip magazines, she burst into tears when asked about plastic surgery rumors and insisted that her looks were natural.

What will hold in the future for Angelabably? Will she give us additional surprises with a “face in transition” or have her looks settled? The things that remain certain are Angelababy’s beautiful hair and wonderful sense of style! 

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