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Aya Hirayama

Aya Hirayama (平山 あや / Hirayama Aya) born January 13, 1984) is a Japanese actress who has appeared in various films including Waterboys (2001), as well as appearing in two television programs in her native Japan, Waratte Iitomo and Itsumo futari de. Aya was born in Kuroiso, Tochigi, Japan which is now part of Nasushiobara. The talent agency which she uses is called Horipro.

Aya made her acting debut in 1999 with Tengoku no Kiss, a Nippon Television drama, at the age of 15. From here on she established herself as a television regular with appearances in many Japanese TV dramas. 2001 was the most defining year in Aya's acting career as she played significant parts in the television drama Fighting Girl and the film Waterboys, both highly successful. Aya's most notable acting role to date is her leading appearance as Yoko in the South Korean movie Fighter in the Wind (2004). This role established Aya as a talented Japanese actress the world over and was her first taste of Korean film making. Her convincing portrayal of Yoko, the Geisha who falls in love with Korean legendary fighter Masutatsu Oyama, showed how talented Aya had become over such a short period as a professional actress. Aya continued gaining global plaudits for her voiceover role in the highly acclaimed manga, Black Jack (2005). Also in 2005, Aya played the title character Haruka in the highly successful Japanese television drama Haruka 17. Her success has earned her leading television roles and anime voiceovers as well as significant movie parts that have seen Aya become one of the most sought after young talents in Japanese cinema and television.

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